Tips for choosing healthy skincare products

Go for a natural products with safe ingredients

In this blog we hear from a local beauty therapist Lisa, the owner of Northern Beaches Beauty Room. Lisa’s gives us an insight into  how to spot healthy beauty products:

Lisa: “I have been in the industry for 12 years and have worked with many products. To be honest, until recently, I never took a good look at the ingredients in some of the skincare ranges I have used in my career.

But when I did, to say I was shocked is an understatement. I felt like the past years had been a lie and I hadn’t been honest with my clients. As a beauty therapist it is my job to coach and educate on good skincare and looking after ourselves, yet the products I had been recommending for so many years contained so many nasty things.


Here are just a few of the ingredients that I now know to avoid:

~ parabens: these have been known to play a roll in breast cancers.
~ petroleum jellies: this is a derivative of oil refining. This being the oil that is taken from oil rigs and then taken to petrol stations where we fill our cars up. Lovely, right!
~ benzyl peroxide: this is a bleaching agent. I remember years ago I had a girlfriend visit and she used a certain product with a high percentage of benzyl peroxide, my turquoise face washers turned a lovely shade of yellow. Anything that can bleach your towels cannot be good for your skin.

The above are just a few of the toxic ingredients that are found in many skin care products, and they can take seconds to enter our body.


I now stick by these guidelines when choosing skin care products:
1) Go for a natural products with safe ingredients (avoiding the parabens, petroleum and benzyl peroxide)
2) Make sure the products aren’t tested on animals, which far too many companies are still doing
3) Consider if the product is safe for the whole family. In our household we now use products from the Arbonne range as we know that it is safe from nasties
4) Do your research and choose brands that you feel confident you can trust


At my salon we take pride in using natural products that we know are going to be aligned with our client’s health philosophy.  And my preferred brand at home and for my family is the Arbonne range. These products are all natural, gluten free, certified vegan and the products cater for babies, adults and in between. They offer a broad range of products – from my daughter’s body wash, my husband’s shave gel, shampoo, conditioner, cleansers, my makeup. Even the hand wash in our guest bathroom is Arbonne.”


Lisa is the Owner of Northern Beaches Beauty Room and can be contacted on the below details for more tips and advice on healthy skincare options and the Arbonne range available from her salon.
Email: or
Mobile: 0421 443 597

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