Testimonial: Staying fit (and young) together

A great motivator for both of us, and more fun as well, is doing things together

In this blog post we hear from one of our original founding members, Karola, on how she and her partner Paul stay fit (and young) together.

“Paul and I live at Manly and we embrace the Northern Beaches lifestyle to the fullest with swimming, surfing, snorkeling, sunbathing, and bushwalking whenever conditions and our work schedules allow. What was missing until two years ago was a gym directly at the beach, and when we met Sam at Manly Beach promoting his new club, we couldn’t wait to sign up. We were the first to do so, on my birthday and even before the club had officially opened.

We are now regulars, particularly at the Pilates classes on the rooftop. Like most people with desk jobs we get back problems, and like most people from the age of 50, various other aches and pains. Exercise if the best solution! My problem is that I am a sun worshipper – Paul is more sensible than that – and I would spend even more time at the gym if the exercise machines were outside in summer like the classes!

A great motivator for both of us, and more fun as well, is doing things together, and as a result Paul is regularly the single male in the Pilates class. Strengthening your core muscles is without doubt good for both sexes, but it is kind of funny how Pilates exercises seem to suit the female body better – I am happy that Paul is undeterred by this!”

Blog by Karola Stotz


—- Thank you Karola and Paul for sharing your health story.  See  you both at the Club soon.