Testimonial: Alex shares his weightloss and fitness journey

Since joining in April, I’ve lost about 15 kgs…

In this blog post we hear from Alex Cadman who joined our Club in March.  He tells us about his great weightloss success and how he got his fitness back on track:

“In March this year I decided I’d had enough of being overweight and realised I had well and truly slipped into a cosy routine which involved too much food and not enough exercise.  Perhaps the fact that my wife and I work full-time as managers, raising 2 boys and having little family assistance (I’m from the UK and my wife is from Brazil) gave me the excuse that life was just too busy for a regular exercise routine and that the couch was the only place for a man of 40 once his day was done.  Trouble with that was I lacked energy and was probably more unhappy about being overweight than I realised.

I decided to look into gyms in Manly where I work, and didn’t get a great feel from some of them to be honest, let alone someone to assist me with basic questions.  The Manly Beach Health Club team was really friendly and helped me out with questions on how best to exercise. The fact that the Club had showers was important for me because I could go in early or on my lunch break and get cleaned up back to work.  The equipment is modern and the place is always clean and well ventilated.  I haven’t had personal training sessions although I think perhaps I should have.  Losing weight was quite a personal journey for me and I guess I wanted to keep it that way and focus on myself to start with at least.

Since joining in April, I’ve lost about 15 kgs and managed to add a bit of muscle.  It feels great.  Clothes shopping has become a pleasure as opposed to a drag.  I go to the gym for 1-2 hours, 3-4 times a week and run with a friend on Wednesday evenings.  Diet has been a major factor – I cut out bread, pasta and rice and replaced it for a higher protein diet, more veggies, fruit, nuts and plenty of water.  I’ve halved my evening meal portions with surprisingly little difficulty.  I cut down my alcohol intake too.  I love red wine but when you feel that much better as a result of cutting down, it more than compensates.

So now I have to keep things going but I don’t think I’ll ever let myself get back to 100 kg’s.  I don’t feel the need to lose much more weight, but I’d like to keep fit and make this a change for good.  Being recognized as “member of the month” for July has encouraged me to do just this, so thanks to Sam, Adam and the team.  Without a doubt, and along with other members who have experienced weight loss, they have helped me to achieve my goals.  Your health is your wealth!”

Alex Cadman


A big thanks to Alex for being a great inspiration to other members and congratulation on being our July “Member of the Month”.


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