Northern Beaches Roller Girls are super fit!

“I am very proud of them all in reaching the Grand Final as they are hard working and committed clients that give everything they have to each and every personal training session.  I wish them all the very best and will be thinking of them on Saturday. Go get them ladies!” Chris Harding, Personal Trainer

We want to wish a big MBHC congratulations to the Northern Beaches Roller Girls.

After an impressive start they are currently placed second on the ladder, having won three games and lost only one. The team now focuses on preparing for the Grand Final, this Saturday 30 August, against the Central Coast Roller Girls.

‘The team are very excited to do the Northern Beaches proud in the Grand Final’, says Bench Manager James Polson. ‘They have worked extremely hard this season, focusing on their skills, learning from game experience and encouraging each other along the journey. They truly are a bunch of talented girls’.

And we are particularly proud of 3 of the team members, Kelly Polson , Sara Peterson and Katie Peterson as they are all members of Manly Beach Health Club.  The 3 girls have been Personal Training with Chris over the past few months, and this hard work is paying off on the track.

Sarapeterson  Kellypolson


‘At the beginning of the season, I don’t think anyone expected us to be playing in the Grand Final. But its testament to their dedication to the sport – the girls know an opportunity when they see one and they will be fully focused on bringing the prize home on the day’, says a motivated Polson.

Northern Beaches residents are encouraged to attend the Grand Final and support the Northern Beaches Roller Girls achieve derby dominance. The league are asking all that attend to wear the colour teal as a sign of support for the league.  Tickets are already on sale for the Grand Final at:


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