Member testimonial: Bridget

“When MBHC first opened in 2011, I was instantly drawn to it. There was something about the club that was very welcoming, I liked the place, the staff and the people using the gym just seemed happier and relaxed. It was a non threatening, easy, fun and happy place.

I started doing the classes which were so much fun (nothing comes close to training on Manly beach in the morning as the sun comes up… amazing!) and as a result of this participation have many new lifelong friends. It made working-out like a big social gathering every day which was fun and also did provide some healthy competition. I now do my own weight session in the gym where the trainers are always there to correct my technique or provide helpful advice whenever needed.

It really is like one big family. I seem to live at the gym and sometimes visit home, but it makes such a difference having a place to train that is so positive and fun. Thanks for all the good times MBHC!”