How To Create A Vision Board

A vision board brings your goals to life visually

The new year is a great time to re-asses your goals and plans for the year ahead.

Many successful people use Vision Boards as a way of representing their goals and dreams in a visual way. Images can be extremely powerful at creating an emotive response.

1.1      How do you make a vision board

a. Gather your supplies: poster board, a large sheet of paper, and/or a cork board, glue/pins, markers, colorful or plain paper, magazines/books that can be cut up, scissors etc.

b.  Find a space that is large enough to spread out all of your supplies. A large table or the floor are usually great choices.

c.  Flip through the magazines and begin tearing/cutting out images/words/phrases. Allow yourself to freely attach the images onto your board without judgment or much thought

d.  Once you have the images you want to use, do a “dry run” by arranging the images and words in a variety of ways. When it feels just right, go ahead and affix your images to your board. You may want to consider creating additional elements using paper and markers, etc.

e.   Look at your board often and focus on the feelings that looking at the images creates for you.

1.2     What do you I put on my vision board

Find images that relate to your ultimate life, this may be a dream house, a photo of someone who is healthy and fit, or working in your ideal career.

1.3       How do I use it

Place your Vision Board somewhere prominent so that you can see it each day.  Focus on it and get to a place of feeling like you already have everything on the board in your life. Feel the feeling that you have already achieved these goals.  This is called the power of intention.  Books such as The Secret explain how this kind of repeat emotional state can move you towards your goal.

If you are looking for a digital version of a Vision Board then sites like Pinterest are a great digital way of collecting images that inspire you. Just remember that the aim is to look at it regularly to keep you on track for your goals.

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