Classes – new sign up rules and additional HIIT Class

Let’s ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity to book

Our classes are extremely popular at the moment due to our great instructors and fabulous weather.

As a result we can see that members are booking in early to secure their place. Unfortunately we have also noticed that many members are not turning up to classes that they have booked – and this means that other members are missing out un-necessarily.  We are therefore introducing some new rules regarding booking classes, to ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity to book.


You will now only be able to register for a class 2 weeks in advance.  This will ensure that members are booking into a time slot that they know they will be able to attend.


To discourage members booking classes that they may not actually be able to attend, we are implementing and enforcing a 3 strike policy for no-shows.

  • If you do not show up to a class that you registered for – the teacher will mark you off as a ‘late cancel’ and you will be given a strike
  • If this happens 3 times – you will accrue 3 strikes for a no-show and you will be suspended from booking into classes for a 1 month period.


We understand that sometimes, something comes up (eg you might miss the ferry) and you may not be able to attend a class.  Well if you are no longer able to attend a class that you are registered for, you can ‘early cancel‘ but this needs to be within a 2 hour window of the class start time.  This will give people on the waitlist a chance to enjoy the class.


If you are waitlisted for a class, and a place becomes free due to another member doing an ‘early cancel’ – then our system will send you an email 2 hours prior to the class start time.


  • you must cancel 2 hrs prior not receive a strike from a ‘late cancel’
  • if you are waitlisted, check your emails 2 hours prior to a class to check your status


Due to a high demand we have added an additional HIIT class to the timetable on Thursday morning.  There will now be 2 x HIIT classes back to back at:

  • 5.30 – 6.15am
  • 6.15 – 7.00am

This is set up to give more members the opportunity to feel the burn in our HIIT classes, but unfortunately members are not entitled to attend back to back classes. If this is successful we plan to add other back to back classes early next year.

Keep enjoying our classes everyone and we hope you appreciate these new rules to help ensure that classes are being enjoyed by more people. If you have any questions regarding the new system please contact Gill in the office on Phone: 8966 9257 or Email:


Manly Beach Health Club Management