Member testimonial: Savi


“I joined Manly Beach Heath Club in October of 2013. In March of 2014 I developed a bad back injury. I stopped all gym activities and could not walk up or down Raglan Street without stopping at least 10 times to stretch. It was quite debilitating and restrictive. I spent … Read More

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If you are serious about making a change to your health and fitness – then book in for a FREE 30 min Bio Body Map consultation to learn how our proprietary Bio Body Map can get you results in just weeks! Why is our Bio Body Map so successful? It … Read More

Member testimonial: Bridget


“When MBHC first opened in 2011, I was instantly drawn to it. There was something about the club that was very welcoming, I liked the place, the staff and the people using the gym just seemed happier and relaxed. It was a non threatening, easy, fun and happy place. I … Read More

Member testimonial: Audrey


“I moved to Manly 3 years ago and was amazed by the quality of the lifestyle. I always liked sports, but Manly is a Sport town, everybody works out! Very quickly, I started to fully embrace the Manly way of living and joined the Manly Beach Health Club. At the … Read More