6 week program – will Sam reach his goal of losing 20kg?

Challenge: to lose 20kg in just 6 weeks

Well most of you have probably seen the weekly updates on the community bulletin board, of one of our Directors – Sam, as he undertakes his own 6 Week Personal Training program.  He set himself the challenge of losing 20kg in 6 weeks oSam-in-progressn the program which combines a tailored workout program with a trainer (based on your goals), healthy eating philosophies and lifestyle education.

He is well on his way to achieving his goal and this is his last week.  His vital stats at the end of Week 5 are:

Weight: lost 17.5 kg in 5 weeks
Belly measurement: lost 15 cms
Butt measurement: lost 8.5 cms

We look forward to sharing a full update on his journey after this weekend and if you see him in the gym this week be sure to give him some final encouragement.

For more information on the 6 Week Personal Training program or to make a booking contact the office on Ph: 02 8966 9257 or office@manlybeachhealthclub.com

Or for more examples of success stories from the club, check out or some other testimonials from Janika or Annabel.

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